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Company and Program FAQs

RW Lynch is the largest Network of Law Firms in the Nation. We provide our Member Attorneys with Exclusive Access to injury victims in their local area.

When you join our legal Network you choose a geographical area or "Membership Zone" to manage. Our Injury HelpLine® will advertise to all injury victims within that Zone. Injury HelpLine® will then process and deliver each call from victims EXCLUSIVELY to you. This means that you won’t need to share calls with other Attorneys. It also means that you can truly focus on practicing the law and on winning cases for injury victims in need. We’ll do the rest.

We do NOT sell leads. Our mission it is to help connect injured people nationwide to local personal injury attorneys. To do this efficiently and effectively, we combine the power of hundreds of law firms into a nationwide legal network managed under the Injury HelpLine® brand. Pooling resources of individual firms allows the Injury HelpLine to run sophisticated multi-channel marketing campaigns and to offer Members a variety of premium services such as 24/7 live call transfer.

To get an Overview of our Program, view How it Works.

We handle motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall cases, premises and product liability cases, workers comp, wrongful deaths, dog bite cases and a variety of other personal injury case opportunities.

Founded in 1984, RW Lynch has been in business over 30 years. Learn more about us and about our history.

RW Lynch has spent over 30 years educating the American consumer about personal injury topics under the Injury HelpLine® legal network. Multi-platform advertising to injury victims nationwide has further built the brand. As a result we now enjoy a high level of brand awareness ideally suited to generating new case opportunities for our Member Attorneys.

Hundreds of personal injury firms contribute a small percentage of their advertising spend to create one large media budget. We then use this budget to build top-of-mind awareness for the Injury HelpLine®. The economies of scale that result from this collaborative model allow our members to achieve high visibility in the personal injury market - at a fraction of the cost required to market each firm individually.

Our model also protects the integrity of your brand which remains untouched by our marketing initiatives.

While our local and national advertising has always been conducted under the Injury HelpLine® legal network, we have evolved from focusing solely on TV advertising to developing a sophisticated multi-channel communication platform from which to reach and interact with injury victims. The Injury HelpLine® now touches consumers via TV advertising, our mobile friendly website, local and national PPC campaigns, Google Display Network Advertising, social media and a variety of other advertising channels. Learn more about how our platform works.

No. RW Lynch's marketing team works with our in-house counsel, who actively reviews and monitors our advertising campaigns. This ensures compliance with all state-specific legal advertising laws.

We are confident that our Membership Program will increase your personal injury caseload and grow your legal practice. However, over 30 years of experience with the Program have shown us that partnerships with Member Attorneys have always been most successful when given a minimum time commitment. Our subscription-based program will allow you to:

  • Easily plan and manage your marketing budget;
  • Make full use of our free lead management software to evaluate the type and quality of leads received;
  • Work with your dedicated Account Executive to continuously optimize for the type of cases you want;
  • Optimally configure our customizable call delivery options to maximize live call transfers;

There are several factors that impact the subscription cost of our Membership, including the geographic region, number of selected market areas and pre-pay opportunities.

See if your local area is available and request a quote. Or call us to receive more information at (800) 594-8940.

RW Lynch charges a one-time setup fee for new Member Attorneys. This fee is part of our cost to set up local online and mobile advertising campaigns, commercial editing and bar filings. There are no other additional costs or hidden fees, such as licensing or phone lines.

Yes, based on the IRS tax code, you may use our Program as an advertising write-off for tax purposes. We do advise our Member Attorneys to consult with a tax professional to ensure compliance when filing with the IRS.

Yes, all our Member Attorneys receive free access to our cloud-based lead management software, affectionately dubbed by our Attorneys as the "Golden List". The Golden List allows every Member Attorney to track, evaluate and rate Injury HelpLine® leads as well as his own leads from any internet-connected device.

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