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We are proud to have helped over 4 million injury victims nationwide. The list of open cases and expected settlements listed below represents a small sample of significant 6 and 7-figure case files reported by our Member Attorneys since the beginning of 2017. Check if your local Membership Zone is available and get specific information about cases handled by Member Attorneys there.

Truck Accident: - Semi truck gets hit from behind, causing multiple injuries to the driver
This Injury HelpLine® caller was a man who owns a trucking company, for which he is also a driver. He was driving his 18 wheeler on his normal route and came upon a multi-car pile-up on the freeway. Traffic was at a stand-still, so he pulled his truck over. That's when he was hit from behind by another semi truck, damaging his 18 wheeler and causing multiple injuries, which have kept him out of work. Between the medical bills, property damage and lost wages, our attorney anticipates that this will be a large case.

ATV Accident: - Truck rams into ATV, causing a fatality and severe injuries
Two boys joy riding in an ATV drove down a highway and stopped at an intersection with the intention of making a turn. A high-speed truck, not seeing the tiny ATV in front, rammed through the vehicle, instantly killing one and seriously injuring the other boy.

Car Accident: - Car crash leaves man with multiple injuries
This Injury HelpLine® caller was driving on a two lane road, when an oncoming car attempted to pass in his lane. The attempt failed, and the other car struck the man head on. He suffered multiple breaks to his arms, legs and wrist and has ongoing treatment for injuries suffered in the crash.

Wrongful death: - Girl gets thrown off a friend's truck
Our Member Attorney received a call from the Injury HelpLine® from a devastated mother whose daughter had recently passed away. The 15 year old girl was leaving school, planning to catch a ride with a friend. When she tried to get into her friend's pickup truck, he played a prank and locked the door before she could get in. The girl then jumped onto the truck's sideboard, at which point her friend took off quickly, causing the girl to fall off the sideboard and onto the ground. She hit her head in the fall and died from the impact. Our attorney signed the case immediately, and has been offered a 6-figure settlement from the insurance company, which will be finalized shortly.

Slip and Fall: - Poorly designed elevator leads to slip and fall accident
An elderly lady was shopping in a mall. She was trying to juggle her purchases in her arms while exiting an elevator, when she tripped and badly broke her arm. The fracture was complex and required surgery. Because of the poor design of the elevator our Member Attorney believes that there is a good chance of reaching a high settlement.

Car Accident: - Drunk driver causes severe car accident
A husband and wife were hit head on by a drunk driver and sustained severe injuries. The wife suffered a broken leg, broken ribs and a fractured clavicle. She had to be air lifted from the scene of the crash to receive emergency treatment. Both cars involved in the accident were totaled. The driver at fault was arrested for drunk driving and for causing the accident. Because of the law applicable in this case, the insurance company will have to pay damages, even though the insured driver was driving under the influence.

Dog Bite: - Large dog bite settlement leads to repeat business
A woman called the Injury HelpLine® and reported that she was walking her leashed dog when another off-leash dog attacked. The woman was bitten several times while trying to break up the dog fight. She had to undergo extensive hand surgery and suffered permanent scarring as a result of the incident. Our Member Attorney immediately signed the case and successfully represented her. When one of the woman's family members recently fell from a broken staircase and injured his back, the family decided to call the attorney again. He was happy to take on this second case as well.

Product Liability: - Defective can of butane explodes and causes serious hand injury
A construction worker purchased a can of butane from a convenience store to light a fire pit in his front yard for a party in celebration of his daughter’s birthday. When he returned home, he was asked to light the candles on the birthday cake. As he lit the candles with one hand, the butane can he was holding in his other hand exploded, causing serious injuries to his arm. Even after extensive surgery there is now little left of the man’s hand and as a result he can no longer find work in the construction industry. After a consultation with one of our Member Attorneys the man recently decided to file a product liability lawsuit, which is expected to settle in the six figure range.

Premises Liability: - Woman slips in hotel bathroom suffering internal injuries
This Injury HelpLine® caller was a woman who had been a guest at a hotel room of a big hotel chain. After her night in the hotel, she had gone to the bathroom, where she slipped on a puddle of water that had settled overnight on the slick marble floor.The water had dripped from the room above, where the bathtub had been leaking despite several attempts at repair. The initial injury was thought to be limited to soft tissue damage, but subsequently internal injuries, including kidney damage, were discovered. The treatment required multiple trips to the doctor for medical care and resulted in substantial medical bills.

Car Accident: - Car accident victim requires spinal surgery
A mother called the Injury HelpLine® after her daughter was involved in a serious car accident. She was traveling as a passenger in the car and sound asleep when the driver lost control of the vehicle. The woman was taken to the nearest hospital, where she was diagnosed with a broken neck, 12 broken teeth and a fractured skull. The hospital was not equipped to perform the spinal surgery required to treat her, so she was taken by ambulance to another hospital over an hour and a half away. Our attorney is going after the full half million dollar policy limit.

Premises Liability: - Woman suffers stroke after being unlawfully detained by security personnel at major retailer
This Injury HelpLine® caller was detained by the security personnel of a major retailer upon leaving one of their stores after using a self-checkout register. The woman was then accused of not scanning all her items and attempting to leave the store with stolen goods. She denied the charges, but the security officer still locked her in his office and left her there alone for a long time. While detained, the woman suffered a massive stroke, which resulted in permanent injury. A subsequent review of the CCTV footage showed that she had actually scanned all of her items. Our member attorney is going after the retailing corporation for false imprisonment and malicious persecution and expects it will be an easy victory due to the video evidence.

Traffic Accident: - Car collides with truck causing extensive injuries to the truck driver
In September of 2016, the Injury HelpLine® received a call from a truck driver who was carefully navigating an icy highway during a severe ice storm. Suddenly a car approached at high speed and smashed into the side of his 18-wheeler. Due to his extensive injuries, the driver was flown to the nearest city for treatment and he immediately called the Injury Helpline after regaining consciousness from his surgery. Our lawyers drove for three hours to be at his hospital bedside where they signed him. The case just settled for a SIX FIGURE amount.

Wrongful death/product liability: - Man killed by defective bulldozer
A young man was killed by a defective bulldozer he was operating. He was the sole provider for his wife and child. The facts indicate that the resulting wrongful death and product liability suit against the bulldozer’s manufacturer will be significant.

Wrongful death/Car Accident: - Car Accident results in fatality
This Injury HelpLine® call came from the family member of a man killed in a car accident. He was driving down the highway when a passing car on the opposite side passed over the yellow line and hit him head on. He later died in the hospital from his injuries. Our attorney has been offered the maximum policy limit, un-insured motorist coverage and wrongful death benefits totaling 6 figures to settle the case.

Premises Liability/Slip and fall: - Poor visibility in Six Flags Park causes slip and fall
A woman in her mid-sixties was visiting a Six-Flags Amusement Park one evening. She was using a walker to move around the attractions. The smoke effects used in the park created limited visibility and as a result the woman took a serious tumble while navigating a high ledge, knocking her out and requiring extensive hip surgery and rehabilitation. With many witnesses verifying the incident and because of the poor visibility of the environment, the attorney is confident he will receive a quick settlement.

Premises Liability: - Woman suffers stroke after being unlawfully detained by security personnel at major retailer
This Injury HelpLine® caller was detained by the security personnel of a major retailer upon leaving one of their stores after using a self-checkout register. The woman was then accused of not scanning all her items and attempting to leave the store with stolen goods. She denied the charges, but the security officer still locked her in his office and left her there alone for a long time. While detained, the woman suffered a massive stroke, which resulted in permanent injury. A subsequent review of the CCTV footage showed that she had actually scanned all of her items. Our member attorney is going after the retailing corporation for false imprisonment and malicious persecution and expects it will be an easy victory due to the video evidence.

Product Liability: - Spinal Cord Stimulator malfunctions causing permanent nerve damage
Injury HelpLine® connected one of our Member Attorneys to a man with severe back pain. At his doctor’s recommendation, the man had had a spinal cord stimulator implanted to control his pain. Unfortunately, the unit malfunctioned repeatedly, electrocuting the victim and causing convulsions and vomiting. The spinal cord stimulator was eventually surgically removed, but by then the damage was done. The man was left with chronic pain affecting both legs as well as permanent nerve damage. His quality of life and his professional career were so severely affected that the attorney will sue for both physical and mental damage. He expects a six-figure settlement.

Medical Malpractice: - Misdiagnosis causes death of four year old
One of our Member Attorneys received a call from a grieving parent, who had taken her 4 year old son to the doctor for with severe symptoms, including difficulty breathing and a high temperature. The attending physician performed a cursory exam and diagnosed the child with routine bronchitis. Based on the symptoms presented, extensive tests such as a chest x-ray and blood work should have been ordered. However, in this case the doctor only prescribed low level antibiotics and sent the family home. A few days later, after the child's condition worsened, he was taken to the hospital where he passed away from complications due to pneumonia.

Nursing Home neglect: - Nursing home neglect leads to septic shock and death
A grieving woman contacted the Injury HelpLine® regarding her mother’s poor treatment in a nursing home. While being cared for in the home, the elderly woman developed bedsores, which subsequently became infected, causing septic shock and death after only 48 hours. The attorney handling the case is filing a lawsuit on behalf of the deceased patient and on behalf of the family. All facts and evidence point towards a six figure case.

Premises Liability: - Floor collapes and leaves woman with broken spine
Our Member Attorney reported getting a call from the Injury HelpLine® from a woman who was severely injured while picking up her boyfriend from work. She had walked up the stairs to the second floor of the building where he worked and had started making her way across the hallway when she heard a strange noise. She stepped back and tried to find a different way to get to her destination, when suddenly the floor under her feet collapsed from underneath. The fall through the floor broke the woman’s spine.

Dog Bite: - Dog bite causes facial scarring and retina damage
Our attorney reports a significant dog bite case from an Injury HelpLine® caller. She got bitten in the face by her neighbor’s pit bull, causing permanent scarring, a bacterial infection and retina damage. There is homeowner’s insurance and our attorney expects this to be a significant 6 figure case.

Product Liability: - Machinist cuts his foot due to poor placement of safety mechanism
This Injury HelpLine® caller was a machinist in a factory, working on a cutting machine. He was stepping off a piece of machinery, when his foot disarmed the safety feature on the machine, and the equipment went into motion. The man suffered major injuries as a result of the poor placement of the safety feature. Because this was a safety defect on the machinery, the attorney can pursue the 3rd party claim and will go after the manufacturer of the machine.

Slip and Fall: - Slip and fall in department store requires complex tendon surgery
The Injury HelpLine® received a call from a woman who slipped and fell in a major department store, tearing her patella tendon. Because the injury was extensive and required significant surgical procedures causing her to miss work, this case recently settled for a six-figure amount.

Car Accident: - Car Accident results in serious injuries
This woman was turning left in a double turn lane. The driver to her left decided to go straight and ran into the side of the woman's car. She had to be taken to the emergency ward by ambulance, presenting multiple contusions and lacerations to the left side of her body. As she had to miss work in order to rehabilitate her extensive injuries the case just settled for a high five-figure amount.

Dog Bite: - Aggressive dog mauls city employee
A city employee approached a home to check the meter when the homeowners dog emerged from the home and attacked her. The owner unsuccessfully attempted to pull the dog off his victim. Eventually the woman was able to press the panic button she carried with her and a police offer was dispatched to her location. He was able to subdue the dog. Between the woman's testimony and the testimony of the police officer, our Member Attorney believes he can achieve a quick settlement.

Nursing Home neglect: - Nursing home neglect of quadriplegic leads to amputation
A young quadriplegic living in a nursing home reported that bedsores had rotted away his leg, leading to a life-threatening situation that required the amputation of the entire limb. The facility had been spotty and neglectful in the cleaning and maintenance of his bedsores. As the loss of his leg is catastrophic, our Member Attorney states that this will be a high-value case.

Medical Malpractice: - Obgyn fails to diagnose pregnancy complication, resulting in baby's death
A woman in the 37th week of her pregnancy felt strong abdominal pains and went to see her OBGYN. He did not perform an ultrasound, but sent her home prescribing only bed rest. Later that evening, the woman knew something was wrong because the baby was no longer moving. She went back to the OBGYN, this time demanding that he perform an ultrasound, which revelead that the baby had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. An emergency C-section WAS performed, but it was too late to save the baby's life.

Premises Liability: - Fire in an apartment causes resident to suffer 3rd degree burns, outdated fire extinguisers to blame
A man was sleeping at his girlfriend’s apartment. While he slept, the woman accidentally started a fire in the kitchen. He attempted to douse the flames with the fire extinguisher, but discovered that it didn't work. As a result, he suffered severe 3rd degree burns on his face and upper body and needed to be airlifted to the nearest burn center for seven skin graft surgeries. Damages will be in the mid six-figure range and liability falls upon the building owners for not updating their fire extinguishers.

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