Immediate Firm Growth with our Exclusive Membership


RW Lynch is the Largest Membership Network of Law Firms Nationwide. Similar to a managed care organization of medical doctors such as a PPO, we ensure that each injured victim who reaches out to us gets routed to a designated Member Attorney who will answer the call live and provide immediate help.

Each of our Member Attorneys manages an exclusive geographical area or "Membership Zone". Each Zone encompasses various adjacent Zip codes and contains a community of individuals in need of legal representation. Our Injury HelpLine® legal network connects every injury victim within a Membership Zone EXCLUSIVELY with the Member Attorney responsible for that Zone.

Our most important feature

Exclusivity is the key to explosive case growth. When you become a Member of our Network of Law Firms you can choose 1 or multiple Membership Zones to manage. The Injury HelpLine® delivers every help request within your Zones to YOU and YOU ONLY! This protects you from having to share calls from injury victims within your Community. Now you can focus every effort on winning case after case for victims under your responsibility. We do the rest.

Full Membership Benefits:

24/7 Call Intake:
You can rely on our professional local intake centers to answer every help request from our Injury HelpLine® 800-numbers, website forms and mobile submissions.

Instant Call Delivery:
Every call could be your next big case, and we take this very seriously. That’s why we answer each call within 2 minutes and deliver it to you right away - by phone, email or text. You can customize your delivery options to maximize the opportunities for live call transfer and to assign the right person to handle each new case opportunity.

Free Cloud-based Lead Management Software:
You get access to our free proprietary lead management software, which allows you to manage, track and rate your leads from anywhere. Our software also allows clients to import and export data from other systems, run email re-marketing campaigns, view call reports and much more.

Dedicated Account Manager:
You get personalized support from your dedicated Account Manager, who knows your geographical areas inside out, works with you to find the best clients for your type of practice and ensures your growth and business expansion.

Feedback and Rating System:
You can rate every caller you receive through our cloud-based software, via email or by communicating over the phone with your Account Manager. Similar to a Netflix star rating, we will incorporate your feedback to continuously improve our service to you.

Long term benefits of being a Member – referrals!!!

Since our foundation in 1984 we have helped over 4 million injury victims get legal representation.

Every year we put hundreds of callers in contact with each Member Attorney, which not only results in immediate cases, but also represents an unparalleled opportunity to build up a long term client base.

Satisfied Injury HelpLine® callers frequently recommend our Member Attorneys to friends and relatives. More often than not our Attorneys become a trusted source of legal help within their Membership Zone, counting on recommendations from an ever growing number of grateful clients. If you want to become the Member Attorney for your Community, contact us to learn more. We will be happy to explain our Membership Options to you.

Is your exclusive Membership Zone available?

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