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What is the Injury HelpLine®

Injury HelpLine® is a legal network with two distinctive goals:

  • to educate the American consumer about personal injury legal services.
  • to enable easy access to personal injury legal services provided by our Member Attorneys.
Tastefully crafted commercials, targeted at a diverse range of national and local markets and shown on over 60 networks and 800 TV shows, were key to achieving the Injury HelpLine’s significant brand recognition. But today, there is much more to the Injury HelpLine® than slick TV commercials. We have evolved from a traditional TV advertising powerhouse into a sophisticated multi-channel communication platform from which to reach and interact with injury victims.

Injury HelpLine® Platform


We continue to advertise our service locally and nationally using highly effective television commercials, refined and perfected over 34 years of advertising experience in traditional media.


Injury victims can access our mobile-friendly Injury HelpLine® website from any device on a 24/7 basis to quickly reach the Member Attorney responsible for their community. Our site is optimized to drive mobile leads via our 800-number click-to-call feature and mobile-friendly submission forms.


Our SEM (Search Engine Marketing) experts design and run complex PPC (Pay-per-click) advertising campaigns which offer a highly effective mix of broad national and targeted local campaigns. Our Google, Bing and Yahoo paid search ads are aimed at capturing desktop or mobile web search and driving traffic to our website. Landing pages are tailored to specific injury types (such as car accident injuries, nursing home neglect, wrongful death, etc) and designed to dynamically adapt to the geographic area of the user, which makes them very cost efficient and highly effective. As a result of our time and resource investment we have been repeatedly awarded the Google VIP advertiser award.


Our PPC ads are complemented with targeted campaigns on the Google Display Network, taking advantage of the retargeting and remarketing options offered by Google. Our retargeting campaigns are very successful at increasing brand awareness and boosting conversion rates.


Our SEO experts work tirelessly on growing the visibility of our Injury HelpLine® website in organic (non-paid) search engine results. They use a variety of on-page and off-page SEO techniques such as link building and influencer marketing to achieve results.


The Injury HelpLine® website is a premier information resource for injury victims and represents the core of our content marketing strategy. It displays over 120 pages of consumer information, carefully SEO optimized and presented in short and easily digestible articles and blog posts. And we keep adding fresh content to our resource library, keeping visitors well informed about the latest personal injury news and trends.


Our Injury HelpLine® social media presence extends over a variety of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, providing injury victims additional ways of interacting with our service. We post tips and advice on a daily basis to keep our audience engaged, drive brand awareness and funnel traffic towards our website.

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An RW Lynch client and our marketing manager sat down with Lifetime TV's The Balancing Act to discuss how Injury HelpLine® provides real help for real people.

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