Who we are

  • - Todd Klapatauskas, Reynolds & Kenline LLP

     RW Lynch did a fantastic job connecting me with so many people who were wrongly injured. Thank you for assisting those in need! 

  • - Heidi Kendall-Sage, Alcorn Sage Schwartz & Magrath, LLP

     Injury Helpline brought in clients that our typical law firm advertising would never have reached 

  • - William Whitaker, Law Office of William Justice Whitaker

     The Injury Helpline has kept my phone ringing with good cases and allowed my business to expand rapidly over the last few years. 

Who we are

RW Lynch is the Largest Membership Network of Law Firms Nationwide. The company was founded in 1984 by Randy W. Lynch with a double mission:

  • Help law firms gain strength through unity: We believe that even small to medium sized law firms can achieve high levels of competitiveness by pooling their resources.
  • Provide law firms with access to new clients: We make it possible for law firms to easily and exclusively reach all injury victims in their community.
Since those early days we have connected our Member Attorneys to over 4 million injury victims in need of legal representation. RW Lynch and its affiliates continue to be privately held and managed.

Our Promise to Member Attorneys

  • Commitment to Integrity:

    We always ensure that our Injury HelpLine® advertisements comply with the highest standards of ethics and dignity. To ensure we keep up with that promise we have a dedicated legal department making sure we are fully compliant with all State Advertising Rules. The American Bar Association has recognized our efforts by awarding us the Dignity in Lawyer Advertising recognition for 5 years in a row.
  • Focus on Innovation:

    According to Randy Lynch, Founder and Chairman of RW Lynch "Technology enables and drives our business." That is why we built and are handing out a free cloud based lead management software solution for all Member Attorneys. We also designed a mobile friendly Injury HelpLine® website containing over 120 pages of resources for injured victims. Our ongoing focus on innovation ensures that we always provide value-add to our Member Attorneys and to the victims they represent.
  • Emphasis on Partnership:

    Each Member Attorney relies on a dedicated Account Executive whose main mission is to continuously refine the type and quality of cases delivered by the Injury HelpLine®. We partner with our Attorneys to deliver the cases they specialize in. The result: Satisfied Injury HelpLine® callers frequently recommend our Member Attorneys to friends and relatives, ensuring referral business for years to come.

RW Lynch is a 5-time ABA "Dignity in Advertising" award winner

RW Lynch Company, Inc., Advertising Agencies & Counselors, San Ramon, CA

Celebrating 34 Years of Combining Tradition and Innovation

At RW Lynch we have always believed in people and relationships. That’s why we built our business on solid long-lasting partnerships with our Member Attorneys. Today we remain a successful family owned and operated business, well positioned to uphold our commitment to long-term partnerships with our Members.

Thanks to the vision and foresight of our current CEO, Brian Lynch, our traditional approach to business relationships is matched with a relentless drive towards innovation, enabling us to survive and thrive in the current economic environment.

As we look forward to our 34th anniversary, we remain firmly focused on adding value and crating growth opportunities for all our Members. We look forward to the next 30 years of success in the legal industry.

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